Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anomalous behavior detection from Videos

I have been looking at the problem of Anomaly detection for a month now! I have less than two months to solve it or at the least provide a reasonable solution! :-) I summarized whatever I learnt in the following presentation


I am hoping that this will be serve as a good guideline or a starting point for people who will look at this problem or for people who want to understand the problem. This is by no means close to exhaustive or even a survey :-) Within the next couple of weeks my goal is to have a pdf which will be more theoretical and mathematical and by the end of my internship I plan to have a draft with a convincing approach and good results!!

My apologies for not having the link to the video, the data I am working on is confidential! As soon as I get time I will run the algorithm on hand made video and upload! Cheers!!