Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello World!!

Let me first make it clear what this blog is destined to achieve :) . I created this blog due to the incompetency of my brain to remember my learnings perennially. So i will be posting anything even remotely connected to technology so that it will server as a reference in future. I assume it will help the readers too and more importantly give me their valuable comments along the way. Do not be surprised to see Math, Computer programs , few puzzles or even Philosophy related stuff in the posts :P. As for the uniqueness of a blog like this, i always believed in "Whatever you do is unique if you have never done it before because nobody can do it the exact same way you can :D" So here goes the never ending expedition...

I and srujan(IIIT buddy) were pondering on a couple of SIMPLE problems, i had to highlight "SIMPLE" for two reasons, one because its strictly relative and varies from person to person and second to stress on that fact that i am a novice at judging a problems difficulty. So please pardon me if you do not comply with me.

1) A analog watch is hanging on the wall behind you with 1 to 12 numbers, a hours and minutes hand, hour hand being a bit smaller than the minute hand to be able to distinguish. In front of you there is a mirror in which you see the reflection of the watch. You want a function which converts the time shown in mirror space to world time because you are a lazy ass to turn back every time you want to know the time and you surely want to call your girl friend strictly on time. Note, that even a primary school kid can solve it given time, judge yourself based on the time you took.

Will post few more interesting ones..

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