Saturday, December 25, 2010

2010 year recap code!

I wanted to recollect all the memories of 2010 before I closed the laptop for the year! I was wondering how best to do and wrote the following code in 30 mins that generates an image of predefined size with thumbnails of all the pics that I transferred from my Iphone. This definitely is not a true representation of things for the year but its very close!! Below is an output of the sample run! (I need to refine the code to remove repetitions but I do not care, the purpose is served)

The code takes a text file that contains paths to all the images in a directory(absolute paths). You can generate this file using "dir /B *.JPG" on windows and "ls -1 *.jpg" in Linux. Pass this to the code as a command line argument and it should save "year.jpg" in the working directory which will be the image that contains the thumbnail. I am pretty sure some softwares do this but instead of wasting time to find out I thought I will keep myself busy for 30 mins! I love the final image .. I can so recollect that specific occasions I took the particular picture! :-) The thumbnail captures many of my friends and the happy times I had with them..

You can download the visual studio project from ::

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